19 Feb Button, Button, who’s got the button?

I so love the button; they can be a cynosure of a design. There are quotes about pushing people’s  buttons, metaphors using buttons, such as, ‘he is cute as a button.’ I’m talking the real deal here; buttons to close or release something on a garment. I have acquired quite a collection, well over 2,000, from endearing friends. I like to know what they are made from. Mother of Pearl is easy to identify due to the rich iridescence shell. They buttons accept dye readily; the plastic look alike do not. They also taste different! Yes, sometimes I taste buttons to distinguish plastic from Bakelite or shell. In my life I will never use all these buttons. Please feel free to contact me about putting some on a garment or hat for  YOU!

Sand dollar Mother of Pearl

Various shades of white is common with mother of pearl buttons – 2 hole, 4 hole and shanksMetal button dating to early 1900’s- Bee Hive, flowers and inlaid mother of pearl.

A Nautical Theme

IMG_3011 Silk Screened images on a covered button with a shankIMG_3003  Cord Covered buttons with fabric shank (top view) rosette ( bottom view)IMG_3012Lucky number 7 dominoes

IMG_3005Unusual shaped Glass buttons and mother of pearl circles

IMG_2994 Whaa? these are the strangest plastic buttons for application. I used them for decoration on the front of a dress once. They seriously must have a special use; anyone know this button’s history?

IMG_3002various plastic buttons. Lacey one from the late 1940’s

IMG_3018Green Wood square buttons and  Bakelite circle shapes

IMG_3006Light aqua mother of pearl and hexagonal plastic- circa 1930’s

IMG_3004       Resin molded buttonsIMG_2998Plastic airplane buttons- 1950’s


Beveled mother of pearl IMG_2993 Wooden Squirrel pull changes for clothing                IMG_3015  A plastic button I used for printing and  had copied for a logo stamp.IMG_2991



ElizaBeth Rohloff