The other day I watched as my friend stood in front of her closet

and sighed with that familiar refrain,

” I’ve nothing to wear !” Oh, I know that feeling!!

A new season can bring a feeling of dissatisfaction or overwhelm

to our clothing choices.

What is hanging there doesn’t inspire us and the rush to spend money

on something new is imminent.

New feels good, right?
As consumers we are constantly being marketed to for the fresh and new;

while our closet fills up with more items than we could possibly wear in a month.

Do we really want more articles of clothing or simply more ways to wear what we have and already love ?

Adding more to our closet will only add more exhaustion. I want to help simplify

your closet and your clothing choices. Do you have garments you turn to consistently?

If so, there’s a reason why;

those clothes make us feel confident when we wear them.

You may need some help assessing what doesn’t work and why ; this is where I come in.

From years of Tailoring, and Designing, my eye has been keenly developed

to see what clothes work for a particular body shape and what doesn’t.

I help you find the Fit !


I use my listening skills, garment trained and developed eye to help you get more

mileage from your wardrobe.

Tailoring alterations and/or re-styling to allow a new garment to come forth.

Within your closet are good pieces that just need a little updating;

a new hem length, a more tailored fit or wearing the piece with

something different.
I want you to feel confident in the clothing you own

and help you change it up if you don’t.

The way to begin?

We simply start with 3 pieces at a time….

slowly, surely we discover what looks best on your body shape,

the garments you love, what needs to be altered and whether to keep it or give it away.

I am offering a 40 minute consultation for $30. to assess 3 of your not so often worn

pieces of clothing.

Meet with me, try on each piece and let me help you decide whether

it’s workable or not. Trust me,

you will find a spark of joy that that ‘old clothing ’ has new life
Rather than feeling exhausted when we look into our closets,

we gain new confidence in getting dressed for the day ! Contact me!

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