I can usually tell before a hat lands on a head whether this new wearer will possess the piece, there’s an energy present. Energy isn’t the only factor for finding  the perfect hat; face shape, eye color, hair length, color and texture are all considerations along with the potential owner’s interest.

It is the purest delight to see a piece fit so well.  I generally encourage the wearer to tilt a hat so the viewers’ eye will travel the line of the hat, off to the side of the face then refocus back to the wearers’ eyes. A hat color that compliments the eyes is an added bonus to opening the face and adding a twinkle in the eyes. Hair length can be a factor in hat choice. Long hair can be twisted, pony-tailed and contained somewhat when wearing a hat. Other wise long hair can be a distraction to the headpiece. Very short hair can get lost under some hats making the wearer feel too bare. A balance to this is highlight the eyes with makeup or accent with larger earrings.  Many of us use face shape to help us determine a good haircut and the correct eyeglasses. Face shape is the single most important factor in finding the perfect hat. All hair lengths can find suitable hats when you focus on your face shape unadorned by your hairline.

So, let’s look at face shapes. Basically 5 face shapes will be shown: HEART, ROUND, OVAL, SQUARE,  and RECTANGLE. Think of these strong geometric shapes as you look at your face. If you have hair that frames you face, sweep it back to see the outline of your face.


heart face

The heart shaped face, also called triangular, is a face considerably wider

at the forehead than at the chin; think of the chin as the point at the  bottom of a heart.

Focus: a hat to emphasize the middle of your face and balance out a narrow chin.

Styles: cloche, fedora, derby, beret, brimless, pillbox, caps,

beanies, medium sized brims, Greek fisherman cap, trapper, large brimmed hats

Details: larger accents placed at the side of the hat, tilt the hat on the head



Round shape

 The round face can be quite full at the cheeks and an evenly distributed shape.

Focus: visually elongate your face, wear a hat higher on your forehead

Styles:  beret, homburg, loose fitting knit cap, floppy big brim, newsboy cap

Details: Buckle or flower at the side as accent, tilt the hat on the head


Oval Shape

Focus: to balance you face shape at top and bottom, the crown of the hat should be narrower than your cheek bones

Styles: trilby, turban, beanie, newsboy, brimless, pillbox, cloche

Details: full scarf as a hat band, medium sized accent ,asymmetrical design, tilted hat line



Square shape

Focus: to soften angular features and make the face rounder

Styles: wide-brimmed, derby, turban, beret, beanie, flat cap,

drivers cap, trapper, Greek fisherman cap

Details: soft details, medium sized accents, headband trims


Rectangle Shape

Focus: to make your face less elongated and slightly rounder

Styles: wide-brimmed, derby, cloche, turban, beret, Greek fisherman cap, beanie, flat cap,

drivers cap, trapper

Details: soft or crisp contrasting ribbons, brims, visor brims, larger accents,buckles

There are no hard and fast rules around wearing a hat; (here I exclude the ubiquitous baseball cap and knit beanies) these are simply common guidelines. Consider the hat accessory as similar to choosing glasses or a hairstyle to best suit you.

Because hat wearing creates attention to yourself.  There are so many good reasons to try a hat, even just for a day, to become comfortable and more self confident. And who knows? You could end up possessing the hat!